Saturday, February 5, 2011

Gluten Free Grocery Trip

We don't usually shop at Whole Foods just because it's not really that close to where I live. 

However, where I'm volunteering at Whole Foods is pretty close by.

We stopped in there today to get some gluten-free yummies while we were in the area. We also have a Weghmans around us, so that's where we do our 'normal' weekly shopping, but nothing beats Whole-Foods! 

I got some Udi's delicious cupcakes, Glutino Pizza [which I have yet to try] , Our local gluten-free bakery makes chocolate mousse so I always grab that when they have some in stock, I also got some delicious gluten-free hummus and gluten-free crackers, which I ate in the car on the way home! One of the most delicious things I got was a gluten-free, organic Chocolate Bar with Cherries.. yummo!  And last but not least, Some Bare Fruit, dried Granny Smith apples, I wanted to try some dry fruit, and I love regular and juicy Granny Smiths' so I figured I'd like these.. boy was I wrong, they were so tart and beyond sour.. I won't be getting those again.

I am trying to post atleast five blogs a week. Whether they be interesting all-the-time or not, I can't really guarantee..

Sorry if this post was a little 'blah' but It's what I did today that was relative to my Journey Gluten-Free


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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Review: PF Changs, Gluten Free Menu

I recently turned seventeen and went to my 'go-to' restaurant that I'm always safe at, PF Changs.

I thought I'd do a little review on what I get and my experience there. I am not getting payed or getting any benefits doing this review, I am just doing it to help others. 

Whenever we go to our local PF Changs everyone is polite, courteous and our waiter asks first thing if anyone at our table has allergies. When I reply saying I do, they immediately mark it down on their note pad and hand you a gluten-free menu. The last time I went, they had moved from having two separate menus, a gluten-free menu, and a regular one, to now putting the gluten-free portion of the menu on the back side of the normal one. 

At PF Changs they have separate silverware, and dining ware too. If you ask for soy sauce, which we all know normal soy sauce has wheat in it, they will gladly bring you out gluten-free soy sauce. 

For dessert they have a to-die-for chocolate dome type thing. 

All-In-All, It is the only restaurant I completely trust not to get sick from cross-contamination or stupid careless mistakes that 'normal' restaurants make. 
I highly recommend you go to their website and find out if there is one near you.

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Beginnings

As the title displays, this new blog, is a new beginning.

I have been seriously slacking on updating my wordpress blog and I wasn't really feeling the whole wordpress layout. I will update this blog much more often, with all my new gluten-free finds, recipes and whatever else comes up on my journey! 

This is the final, last blog I'm making. No More Switching Around, Promise! 


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