Saturday, February 5, 2011

Gluten Free Grocery Trip

We don't usually shop at Whole Foods just because it's not really that close to where I live. 

However, where I'm volunteering at Whole Foods is pretty close by.

We stopped in there today to get some gluten-free yummies while we were in the area. We also have a Weghmans around us, so that's where we do our 'normal' weekly shopping, but nothing beats Whole-Foods! 

I got some Udi's delicious cupcakes, Glutino Pizza [which I have yet to try] , Our local gluten-free bakery makes chocolate mousse so I always grab that when they have some in stock, I also got some delicious gluten-free hummus and gluten-free crackers, which I ate in the car on the way home! One of the most delicious things I got was a gluten-free, organic Chocolate Bar with Cherries.. yummo!  And last but not least, Some Bare Fruit, dried Granny Smith apples, I wanted to try some dry fruit, and I love regular and juicy Granny Smiths' so I figured I'd like these.. boy was I wrong, they were so tart and beyond sour.. I won't be getting those again.

I am trying to post atleast five blogs a week. Whether they be interesting all-the-time or not, I can't really guarantee..

Sorry if this post was a little 'blah' but It's what I did today that was relative to my Journey Gluten-Free


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